Interview with the Creator

Sep 24th, 2020
Edeon Interview

To commemorate 50.000 glamours, today we bring you the AMA (Ask Me Anything) we did on the discord community for my 32th birthday on July.

In this interrogation, I talk about everything: from Eorzea Collection's past and future development to work and even my teenage rebel years!

So read on, and if there's something I left unanswered, reach out to me on Discord!

Lyrinh Xehanort
First question: Is it possible to ask multiple questions?

Yes! I know there's a lot you wanna know!

Luna Solis
Tea or Coffee, which is the best to you and what’s the brand you like?

I'm one of those weird people who hate coffee and anything coffee-flavoured. But I love tea and drink it almost daily. For tea, anything fruity really. I'm currently hooked on a pomegranate/raspberry tea.

Miyu Fubuki
What was the point where you noticed EC might turn into more than a small FFXIV resources page and how did you feel about it?

There were two times really. The first one was when the glamour website at the time went down, and I added glamours to the website. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that it totally changed EC.

The second time was when I noticed the millions of views EC was having. It was then I decided to go social, and open this discord and create this community.

How was it, at the start of EC creation? Were you expecting it to grow into such a big thing? What prompted you to create it, anyway?

I certainly never expected to be here in a discord like this, with so many people caring and supporting the project.

It all started when I got the physical japanese Eorzea Collection magazine that detailed all the gear sets available at the time and I said to my FC mates - why isn't there a website like this?

So I created it more for personal use and as a challenge and it exploded on reddit, so I continued adding stuff to it regularly.

How did you develop it, were there plans how to make it more popular or the popularity came at its own pace?

There were no specific plans in the beginning, but once I created the social media accounts and Discord, I started road-mapping future features and suggestions and carefully planning them.

That was what made me create the website again from the ground up and redesign it entirely to fit new features easily.

Is EC open source, if so where can I find the repository?

EC is not open source at the moment. I'm afraid people would yell at me for the state I leave the code at some times hahah

But for development, I use the php Symfony framework and Vuejs for frontend.

Lysandra Caraverre
Do you still remember the first glamour YOU posted on EC, and is it still up?

I do and it is! It was this one: El Matador!
It is also the first glamour ever posted on EC!

Did you have a design for the site already in mind or you go off a template for the layout? Or just wing it?

For the design, I usually create the concept on Photoshop and then code it, making some necessary adjustments for responsiveness and such.
But it's all created by me, usually after some hours searching the web for inspiration haha

I've been a web developer for... oh, wow, 8 years now xD but I've always dabbled a bit with graphic design, doing logos and those signature banners everyone used in forums back in the day xD

Lyrinh Xehanort
Are there some kind of glamour types/genres you think are missing or would like to be added in FFXIV?

That's a really hard question! FFXIV is one of the most diverse games I've played in terms of gear.
But you know what - fabulous hats are never enough!

I main AST though, and healers really could use some chest pieces that are not robes, something more fitted, with bits of armour or a shoulder pauldron!
I wanna look badass as a healer!

Nya Nya
ALRIGHT! 1. How long did it take to get the Eorzea Collection from an idea to a live website?

For the first version, in one day I got it all done and showed my friends. They liked it, so I polished it in the next day and posted it on reddit and reddit broke it.
Had to change hosts immediately XD

Edeon Interview

This was the concept for that first version, so it was really simple and fast to do.

Edeon Interview

Nya Nya
2. I wasn't really there for the first stages of the Eorzea Collection, but I'm really curious to know how it went from the first moment it went live to the point we're at now. The community has grown very much. Did you do anything specifically yourself? Or did people just gradually start to grow into a community?

As you can see from the screenshots, it went live being a collection of gear sets. You can still find the original post on reddit:

A month later or so, xivbubblegum (the glamour site at the time) completely disappeared overnight. So I took it upon myself to add glamours to EC since I technically had everything for it, with the exception of the image uploads. Here's the post announcing it on reddit too.

However, back then there were no discords and so I only hosted the website and updated it. Glamours started being uploaded more frequently, from 5-10 a day to 30-50, and visits ramped up, so a couple of years later I decided to completely re-do it, remove the gear sets feature that was outdated and completely focus on glamours, giving features everyone has been asking for years - like editing glamours, logins, loves, and such. Reddit post for the announcement:

And now, it's all history. When I recreated the website, I created the discord community and here we are :heart:

Nya Nya
3. A question for your answer, where is it that you take your inspiration from? Is it always just randomly searching the web or do you have any reference websites that you like to use?

I used Behance and Dribbble a lot more, however I'm finding it hard nowaways to find something in there, so I just use a plain old google search "user profile design". Then save some things I like in a concept folder to browse later and be inspired! Also, is really cool

Nya Nya
4. What did you get for your birthday!?

I got The Last of Us II collector's edition with the beautiful Ellie statue for my birthday!

Nya Nya
5. Did you teach yourself to be a web developer or did you follow any courses/went to college for it?

I got a Masters Degree in Software Engineering, but been programming a lot before. Just random stuff, like text RPGs in scientific calculators, using RPG Maker and stuff like that. Mainly oriented to game development, because that's really my passion. However, there are no opportunities in Portugal for gamedev and it was really hard for me to leave the country, so I went with my next favourite thing - web development!

Nya Nya
6. I've always kind of wondered, since you do a lot of the work around here (if not most), have you ever considered getting help with the development when it comes to coding? Or do you feel like it's not needed? Mostly asking because I see you there at 3-4 AM, sir!

I've wondered about that a couple of times, but there are a couple of downsides to that. First, I'm a nitpick and a perfectionist, so I kind want everything done in a certain way - which may not even be the best. I have a tremendous passion for this project and this community. So another side of that, is that I worry a lot about security, so I prefer it to be more contained and deliver it a bit late but exactly following everyone's suggestions.

I thought you were gonna ask me for top secret stuff, like a sneakpeek at the new glamour pages, Nya!

Nya Nya
Well, if you insist! What image resolution can we expect?

I'm currently redesigning the glamours pages to be more appealing, and the idea behind the design is to have a nice big picture so people can get creative with that, and have the 3 images below to better showcase the glamour.

This is a really rough design for it, I'm still finishing up with the ideas and then when coding, things will fall into place.

Edeon Interview

The resolution will be.... 940x570. so it's easier to fit the screenshots in there.
Also, the sidebar will link to the users profile, and maybe to your other characters.

Astrid Aethersong
What's your go-to shader for screenshots? Do you have one you find yourself defaulting to?

I don't have a go-to shader. I usually browse Neneko's for one that catches my eye.

I would like to know more about you, like where you are from and what do you enjoy doing?

I'm from Porto, Portugal and I live quite near the beach. The weather is awesome, but I get kinda tired of the beach, so I always prefer going to a pool or lake. What I enjoy doing the most (besides gaming) is to book a house and spend a weekend with my FC mates, just playing board games, barbecuing and being weirdos together.

I also need to always have one or more projects going. I feel this need to create something and to constantly be learning. So I just finished my first year of Japanese classes, and I've been spending some time in the Unity game engine just getting back into game dev.
I've also been dabbling a bit with pixel art. Here's a Corgi Prince:

Edeon Interview

Lyrinh Xehanort
Do you think "Eorzea Collection - Companion Edition", a section for Chocobo Glams, could be a thing?

That was actually a recent suggestion and I didn't know that was actually a thing people wanted, but yes - I've added it to my to-do list!

Suzune Akigawa
Do you have a picture of the site in its glamour phase but pre-discord?

I do have a fully functioning website from that era that I still use for some development stuff.

Edeon Interview
Edeon Interview
Edeon Interview

Leisha Aysheen
I would like to know if you are planning to create a hairstyle section on the website?

Yes, there are plans to add the Hairstyle collection to the website (that's why I have the Collections menu with only the dyes for now).
I also want to allow people to add the hairstyles to the glamour. Here's a disturbing image of my testing:

Edeon Interview

Lumih Shalmaaro
Have you thought about delving into the territory of iOS/Android app for an EC app?

That has come up a few times, but due to development time (and since the majority of apps nowadays are created as a website and ported to the phone) I decided to revamp the website to make it mobile friendly, so everyone can use it and I only need to update it in one place.
So keeping it neat and clean for mobile is something that is on my mind while designing new features, however our usage ratio of desktop vs mobile is something like 70/30%, so desktop will always need a bit more attention.

Miyu Fubuki
What do you usually do in your spare time aside from sinking countless hours into FFXIV and EC?

I'm currently playing Ni No Kuni too, but I mainly spend my spare time depressing on how I should be working more on EC haha
That - and taking naps. I love to take naps.

I've also just finished the last season of Dark. If you haven't watched it - please do.

Vederah Kilmister
What's your personal favourite glamour that you've ever made?

Oh, I really like the Sharpshooter one I created for the Patch 5.2 Showcase:

Edeon Interview

However, there's one that's a bit old that just stuck with me and I used it all the time:Red Focus

Edeon Interview

Escher Strange
Do you have a day job?

I do. I'm a Senior Frontend Developer for a marketing company, so I work from 10am-6pm from monday to friday :)

Escher Strange
Did you have a nice birthday cake?

Not yet! I did request a chocolate cake with a strawberry filling this year, so hopefully it will turn out okay!

Kitty Fremont
When do you ever have time to sleep?

*laughs* it used to be harder, really. Nowadays, since I've been in this job for over 5 years, there's more planning and reviewing than actually doing something. I'm actually trying out a new schedule this week where I wake up at 9h30, have my daily meeting at 10, spend the morning doing stuff for EC, then complete my daily work in the afternoon and either play or finish up what I was doing on EC in the evening. I go to bed at 1am and I'll be sleeping at 2am, so a healthy 8 hours of sleep!

Between everything, I play around with my dogs. Meet Marshall and Snow!

Edeon Interview

K'ome Yama
With all the work you do, do you even have time to play FFXIV? Or do you play on the weekends?

I usually play FFXIV in the evening. My FC took a 2-week break from raiding, but we're gonna be back this week! You can also find me levelling up my Samurai in roulettes!

Kirin Anderfels
Do you still have the 1st screenshot you ever took? If so can you share it?

Oh, I love taking screenshots and I do have it!
I have 1800 screenshots of 1.0 alone! I'm a big screenshotter!

This was my first ever screenshot: I was throwing rocks to a Gobbue as a culinarian!

Edeon Interview

Here's the world-first Cactuar Jack death, when they introduced Notorious Monsters!

Edeon Interview

There was even a time when we could generate wallpapers on the lodestone to commemorate the summer event, that was so much fun!

Edeon Interview

And here's one of my favourite 1.0 screenshots.. In Coerthas when Dalamud was just about to hit.

Edeon Interview

And the 1st screenshot I took in A Realm Reborn was going to the credits and seeing my name in there <3

Edeon Interview

Xennon Song
When is the first issue of EC Magazine going to drop?

This has actually been a recurring question too, but since I've added articles on the website, I think those are easier to produce, search for and read than an e-magazine.

Also, I'm always open to new projects on the website, so if anyone would like to write up guides or articles for the website, you can come and talk to me with your idea and figure something out.

Now... a physical Eorzea Collection magazine would be a nice souvenir for a fanfest, don't you think?

Xennon Song
Next question: when does the Eorzea Collection Patreon Calender 2021 become available?

I'm totally gonna do that!

Aurelie Moonsong
While the planned new layout looks nice, what is this going to do to existing glamours? All my images are pre-formatted to the correct size and I usually take them in portrait format to begin with. Will I have to take widescreen pictures now or will there be an option to keep the "four portraits" layout?

I still haven't figured out all the details, including how not to break the preexisting glamours. But my first approach will be to allow you to choose which layout to use, and even add more layouts in the future.

I'd like the glamour page to be a bit more customizable too.

Also, only the widescreen size is a new one. The others are the same we have now.

Endor Dalah
Do you have any favourite dyes to use in your own glamours, and/or colour schemes you naturally lean toward?

I don't have a favourite dye to use. Usually when creating a look, I find a piece I want to use, like a chest piece or a hat and I choose the colours around that piece. I usually go for more earthy tones, though.
However, the new Cherry Pink is just yummy!

What's your favourite FFXIV job to play? What do you love about it? What do you find it's shortcoming to be?

My favourite job to play... that's a tough one. I like a lot of them.

I main AST as a raider, and that certainly feels amazing to play to me. It's fast, it's chaotic, and I love to feel the pressure to have everyone's life in my hands!

Outside of raid, I play mainly as DNC, which I like because it's fast and I get to do a bit of support, which I enjoy. I do wish DNC healed a bit more to truly make a difference.
I also enjoy playing as a RDM for the same reasons. I can dish out a bit of damage and support the party a bit. It's also my favourite to solo things.

As someone who has played since 1.0, how do you feel about the turns and shifts the story has taken? What is your favourite story arc? What is your "least preferred" story arc?

As for the story... my favourite arc would be the Shadowbringers mainstory. It's just so well executed and It's shedding light into a lot of stuff we've been wondering about for a looong time.

My least preferred story arc was the beginning of Heavensward. I wish they went ahead with some things from the ending of ARR and it felt like a cop out and took away a lot of its impact.

Lyrinh Xehanort
What is your favourite type of cuisine?

My favourite type of cuisine would be italian. The pizzas and the pastas fill my heart <3

I won't go a week without a good pasta, and fortunately the italian cuisine is a lot similar to portuguese cuisine, so there's never any shortage of ingredients.

I also enjoy cooking A LOT. My FC mates love my homemade pizzas and burritos!

Lyrinh Xehanort
Do you like cheese? If you do, what is your favourite type of cheese?

I don't quite like cheese when it's not cooked. I do like it in a pizza and on a burger, even on top of a good pasta, but never just cheese...
My favourite would be cheddar, because it melts sooo well!

Miyu Fubuki
Coke or Pepsi?

Why not both?

... but pepsi!

Lyrinh Xehanort
Mayo or Ketchup with Pommes?

Why not both? *laughs* But I'd have to say Mayo with a bit of mustard!

Xennon Song
Do you rock Cherry Pink IRL?

I don't, I'm pretty mild! I'm like a Springfield catalogue model!

But I like to push boundaries with my character, with my pink battle apron for example!

Schan Starfall
Was EC (at the start) like you and your FC volunteers basically farming dungeons for the gearsets to then upload the sets?

Well, at the start we didn't have the amazing third-party tools we have now! So what I did was, whenever a patch was released, I rushed to the vendors to preview the new gear and take screenshots in every angle, like this:

Edeon Interview

I would then trim them all and upload them to the website.

Edeon Interview

I'd be left with a folder like this for each gearset!

Suzune Akigawa
Do you have any specific aspirations or dreams for the site?

I'd like to continue to expand the website with everything a glamour might entail, like dyes and hairstyles, and make it more like a collection of collections. A true Eorzea Collection.

Here's something that has been in my designs for quite a while...

Edeon Interview

I hope you enjoyed the compilation of our all-day Discord interrogation!

My birthday has come and gone, but the party in EC kept going and will still be going for a long time!
I want to thank everyone that contributed to this AMA and you all for being a part of Eorzea Collection.

Only through your passion and love for FFXIV could we hit 50.000 active glamours, and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for sharing your creations with the world!

I'm eternally grateful to this community and grateful for what we've achieved together. It's an honor to be able to help players all over the world find their style and maybe even convince some to start playing FFXIV.

I still wake up in the morning and wonder if all this was just a dream, if I'm really the creator of Eorzea Collection, if I really did meet so many wonderful people. And every day, I see that indeed it is - a dream come true.

Thank you all for dreaming with me!

Edeon Interview
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Edeon Vails

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