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Edeon Vails, the Creator

I'm a 32yo Web Developer from Portugal, and I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV since the 1.0 beta, back in September, 2010 - so it has been a while. I'm also one of the founders and Raid Leader in the Portuguese FC «Navia», on Shiva.

The entire Final Fantasy saga means the world to me, and XIV specifically has helped me through countless hardships and heartaches.
Thank you so much for supporting this website, which was built out of pure love for this game and its community.

Ryu Senpai

Moderator & Bot Master

Geda Yumi


Ranya Nomak

Discord Moderator

Our Contributors

Xennon Song

If we ever have Profile Pics then I'm totally using this.

Vederah Kilmister

Glamafell of Gilgamesh

Astrid Aethersong

Sorry in advance- I have #nofilter!

Flash Galathynius

Fine. Make me your glam-villain.


Crystal's Goddess of Glamour.

Nya Nya

Xennon smells.

Rena Nox

Of Glamourous Goblin

Kogetsu Aurelight

Luna Solis

But is it fashion?

Or'ixia Rainn

I change my glamour like I breathe oxygen.

Kitty Fremont

Novel Glamafell

Lumih Shalmaaro

Behemoth's Feline Fashionista

Aqua Laflor

The Dancing Star Child

Liesel Mahora

All for One and One for Fashion!

Purely Blind

All Blind Adventurers Commences Somewhere. ┐(´~`)┌

Runa Bellerose

The Glamour Farmer

Tsuji Mahri

Not all who wander are lost, but I sure am.

Luna Lavender

Always on her glamour game.

Irlina Natulcen

Never stop creating!

Luna Delcielo

Amon! Drop your breeches!

Beso' Neko

Te mando un beso ࿐♡

Leon Aquitaine

Elezen elegance emissary

Atsinquela Athenruse

Alts mean more glamour plates, right?

Ludin Hreitharr

Hats? What are those?

Victoria Secrets

Fashion comes first

Alois Lefleur

Alois Lefleur, Gayorzean Couture

Vellissa Silversun

Glamour extraordinaire of Exodus

Delilah Morrow

I can craft that for you!

Qyu'rae Ti'zah

I've trapped you all in the GPOSE Dimension!

Cassiopeia Cassi

Balmung's beauty

Zenix Stormcaster

Limitless Creativity...Short Attention Span

Migi Shinichi

of The 16th Orbonne Monastery Run In A Row

Luca Ademaro

Tori Tsubasa

Pink is love, pink is life!

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Stole Your'cat
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Corrigible Argyros
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