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Our Staff

Edeon Vails, the Creator

I'm a 31yo Web Developer from Portugal, and I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV since the 1.0 beta, back in September, 2010 - so it has been a while. I'm also one of the founders and Raid Leader in the Portuguese FC «Navia», on Shiva.

The entire Final Fantasy saga means the world to me, and XIV specifically has helped me through countless hardships and heartaches.
Thank you so much for supporting this website, which was built out of pure love for this game and its community.

Ryu Senpai

Discord Moderator & Bot Master

Geda Yumi

Discord Moderator

Ranya Nomak

Discord Moderator

Our Contributors

Xennon Song

If we ever have Profile Pics then I'm totally using this.

Vederah Kilmister

Glamafell of Gilgamesh

Flash Galathynius


Crystal's Goddess of Glamour.

Cerise Neanana

Let your glam be as esoteric as you like.

Rena Nox

Kogetsu Aurelight

Luna Solis

& Qiaomei Midas & Lace Kdark

Gin Okami

Glamour and gpose is an addiction that we deserve

Kitty Fremont

Our Patrons

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