Rules and Guidelines

Eorzea Collection is the perfect place for players to share their glamour creations, passion and vision with one another.
However, we strive to maintain a clean catalogue of in-game creations that anyone can peruse.
As such, there are a few rules and guidelines you should keep in mind when submitting your creations to the website.


We love seeing people showcase their creativity and express their artistic views through their glamour screenshots. However, it's important that we have at least one screenshot with a clear view of the glamour itself.
We ask that you provide one screenshot (preferably the cover photo) that meets the following criteria:

🗸 A mostly full body shot of the glamour
🗸 Taken with natural colours/filters closely resembling the in-game experience
🗸 A clear view of the glamour, not hidden by lack of lighting
🗸 Taken in-game with Gpose and not with an external camera
🗸 Unobstructed by in-game elements like your HUD

Modded Content

Eorzea Collection is a catalogue dedicated to in-game creations.
While we marvel at the creations put together by the modding community, we sadly can't display these works here as we want to avoid disappointment in our users when they are unable to access the modded content that might turn up if we allowed it.

Allowed mods:
Custom poses, albeit appropriate (no body horror or sexual implications)
Minor texture mods (excluding gear-altering textures)
Reshaders of any kind

Disallowed mods:
Custom gear mods of any kind
Mods that change the appearance of in-game gear
Any type of mod that changes your character's appearance
Gear combinations impossible inside of the game without a certain tool

Listing your Gear

Sometimes users forget to fill out everything correctly when submitting a glamour.
In order to keep searches on the website as clean and precise as possible, make sure to:

Enter the correct level and gender needed to wear your glamour
Enter the correct job needed to wear your glamour
Select the correct race and gender of your character in the screenshot
Choose all the necessary gear pieces to replicate your glamour

Job Restrictions

If you're having a hard time choosing the job restrictions for a glamour due to replaceable gear pieces, you should think about how crucial that piece is to the glamour. If a piece is vital to the glamour, the glamour should be restricted to the gender, job and level to wear that piece.

If possible, try to include one or more screenshots without the gear piece in question. For example, if you mark a glamour as suitable for any tank, due to a weapon being interchangeable, submit at least one screenshot (preferably the cover) without the weapon in question.

Duplicate Content

For the sake of maintaining a clean catalogue of looks, please refrain from submitting duplicate entries. Copies of the same glamour from the same creator, even with different screenshots, will be flagged as duplicate content.

Additionally, when dealing with artistic creations, we need to be cautious and respectful of others. As such, if you've been inspired by another creator, please state so on the glamour description and try to contact them before posting a similar glamour.

If you find that a glamour similar to yours has already been posted, you should still submit your entry, as your creative vision is still unique. Different places, poses, lighting, gender, races and gear pieces may serve as inspiration for others, as well as give a better look for others.

Appropriate Content

We hope to keep content on the website appropriate for all types of viewers.
This means no sexual, offensive or otherwise harmful content of any kind allowed.