Rules and Guidelines

Eorzea Collection is the perfect place for players to share their glamour creations, passion and vision with one another.
However, we strive to maintain a clean catalogue of in-game creations that anyone can peruse.
As such, there are a few rules and guidelines you should keep in mind when submitting your creations to the website.


We love seeing people showcase their creativity and express their artistic views through their glamour screenshots. However, it's important that we have at least one screenshot with a clear view of the glamour itself.
We ask that your screenshots meet the following requirements:

🗸 At least one full body shot of the glamour, from head to toe, showcasing all listed pieces
- This shot has to be well lit
- This shot has to closely resemble the in-game experience in terms of colors
🗸 Taken in-game without the use of an external camera
🗸 Unobstructed by nor including any in-game elements like your HUD or character name

Modded Content

Eorzea Collection is a catalogue dedicated to in-game creations.
While we marvel at the creations put together by the modding community, we sadly can't display these works here. We'd like to avoid any potential disappointment when a user is unable to access modded content if we were to allow it.

Allowed mods:
Custom poses
- They should be appropriate
- They should not deform the body
- They should not alter the appearance of gear or your character
HQ texture upscales
- Excluding any and all textures affecting gear
- Excluding any and all textures that alter your character’s appearance beyond upscaling
Reshaders, albeit at least one screenshot is taken with a neutral/natural looking preset.

Disallowed mods:
Custom gear mods of any kind
Mods that change the appearance of in-game gear
- Including but not limited to model and texture changes to the gear
Any type of mod that changes your character's appearance
- Including but not limited to hair, body, face, make-up and texture mods that would visibly alter the appearance of your character
Combinations of items that cannot normally happen in the game, due to job or dye restrictions, without the assistance of third-party tools
Usage of props unavailable in the game
- Excluding minor edits made through software like Photoshop, assuming they do not alter the character’s appearance
Usage of items not yet released in the JP/NA/EU version of the game

Submitting your Glamour

When making a submission to the Eorzea Collection, we ask you to only upload your own content.
Please refrain from taking screenshots and uploading random glamorous strangers you might find in the game.

We’d also like to remind you to fill out the submission form correctly.
In order to keep searches on the website as clean and precise as possible, make sure to:

Enter the correct minimum level and gender needed to wear your glamour
Enter the correct job needed to wear your glamour
Select the correct race and gender of your character in the screenshot
Include all gear pieces shown in the screenshot and needed to replicate your glamour

Optional & Alternative Items

When picking which search filters to apply to your submission, you might find that certain items listed will affect these in a way you don’t entirely agree with.
For example, your glamour might be possible at level 1 except for a level 50 accessory. You can ask yourself “is this vital to the glamour or is it an optional item?” and restrict gender, job and level of your submission accordingly.

It is also possible to add an alternative item to your submission. This gives people options to pick from when the original items might make it otherwise impossible for them to use your glamour.
When listing alternative items make sure to include a screenshot of the glamour including said item if:

The item is visually drastically different from what it would replace
The item is an entirely different colour
The item is a weapon option

Duplicate Content

For the sake of maintaining a clean catalogue of looks, please refrain from submitting duplicate entries or full sets of gear. Copies of the same glamour from the same creator, even with different screenshots, will be flagged as duplicate content.

Additionally, when dealing with people's creations, we ask you to be respectful of others. As such, if you've been inspired by another creator, please state so on the glamour description and try to contact them before posting a similar glamour.

If you find that a glamour similar to yours has already been posted, you should still submit your entry, as your creative vision is still unique. Different places, poses, lighting, gender, races and gear pieces may serve as inspiration for others, as well as give a better look for others.

If you feel that one of your glamours has been replicated by another user, please make sure to contact our staff directly rather than filing a “duplicate glamour” report.

Appropriate Content

We hope to keep content on the website appropriate for all types of viewers.
This means no sexual, offensive or otherwise harmful content of any kind allowed.

Reporting Content

Our collection is monitored by our team of highly efficient Moogles, assisted by the many reports we receive on the daily from the community. When reporting content, we ask you to consider the following:

Make sure you are reporting for the right reason
- For example, if a (dyed) item listed is the undyeable version of an otherwise dyeable item please only report for “Wrong or no equipment listed”, not “wrong color”
Rather than reporting a majority of the same user’s submissions, consider contacting the staff directly
- This makes it easier for both yourself and the moderators.
Clarify why you are reporting something
- Without a clear reason, the Moogles have to remove reports from submissions that might have something wrong with them
Did someone copy your glamour?
- Please contact us directly rather than reporting the submission for “Duplicate”.
Avoid publicly posting (i.e our Discord) about reportable submissions
- If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to message our moderators directly.
Do not report people maliciously/falsely
- Incorrect reports happen, however please refrain from doing so intentionally. We might take action against multiple malicious reports

When your submission is flagged, our moderators also have the option to hide it from view. This is usually done to content that is either (very) modded, inappropriate or simply incomplete. We never delete submissions, with the only exception being spam posts.

Our staff can be contacted through our Discord or by sending a direct message to our Twitter.

Inflating Likes

The like system implemented in this website serves only as a means to give feedback to the glamour creator.
We understand this system might make some users think of it as a ranking system, however we ask that users refrain from creating multiple accounts with the sole purpose of inflating their own like count.

Accounts and characters that are found to be used in such a manner will be subject to a ban and have their likes revoked.
Users that are found to be using multiple accounts to inflate their likes in a consecutive and exploiting manner may also be subject to a ban.

If you suspect a user to be inflating their likes, you can report it using the "inflating likes" option.