Eorzea Collection is a very recent project that aims to be a place where all FFXIV players and glamour aficionados can gather to preview the gear available in the game. Although it is still in its very early stages of development, it will soon allow players to preview gear in any race and gender, track their obtained gear and even create and share their own custom glamour sets with the community.

I've been working on it little by little between work and playing, and it has quickly become a project I love. Although it's quite simple at the time, I hope you guys can enjoy what little it can offer and look forward to my vision of the website and the many exciting features I have in mind for it.

If you'd like to leave any feedback or ideas, I'd love to hear from you at [email protected].
You can also find me in-game in the server Shiva, from the Chaos datacenter.

- Edeon Vails

Latest Updates
Oct, 15th 2017
  • - Added Patch 4.1 gear pieces.
  • - Fixed bug with minimum level being 60 for glamours.
  • - Updated libraries to https.
Jan, 29th 2017
  • - Added new aura female model - Ranya Nomak
  • - Added new related glamours feature for gearsets.
Jan, 20th 2017
  • - Added Patch 3.5 gear pieces.
  • - Added missing dyes.
Sep, 27th 2016
  • - Added Patch 3.4 gear pieces and sets.
  • - Reordered necklace and earrings according to new patch.
  • - Fixed bug with Glamour Set role filter
  • - Fixed bug with gear pieces with no icons
Aug, 28th 2016
  • - Added Patch 3.35 and Patch 3.38 gear pieces and sets.
Jun, 7th 2016
  • - Added Patch 3.3 gear pieces and sets
  • - New Design for front-page and nav-bar
  • - All gear pieces now have their respective lodestone icon and link
  • - All gear sets have their item list back
  • - Filtering glamours by job/role now shows all gear wearable by that job/role
  • - Glamour list buttons now work as intended
  • - Fixed minor bugs and visual bugs
April, 16th 2016
  • - Added Filter Options to Glamour Sets
  • - Added Race as a new submission field
  • - Added Latest Glamours section to home page
  • - fixed some styles
April, 15th 2016
  • - Fixed some bugs with the submittion of Glamour Sets
  • - Applied dyes are now listed on details
  • - Glamours from the same model are now listed on details
April, 14th 2016
  • - Implemented Glamour Sets
March, 27th 2016
  • - Implemented Patch Added and Date Added as sort dimensions
  • - Added Only Tradable as a filter option
  • - Browse list now contains pagination
  • - Browse list now shows icon for gear added on the latest patch
  • - Added gear related to or with the same model as the current one
  • - Added further details and alternate pieces to gear
  • - Added option to toggle head piece to gear
  • - Redesigned gear preview options
  • - Added tooltips to more actions
  • - Added 29 new sets
  • - Improved various technical and performance aspects
March, 20th 2016
  • - Added Filter Options and Search function to browse page
  • - Added option to change Default Model displayed and different Views to browse page
  • - Added preview function to browse page
  • - Added tooltips to various actions
  • - Added new lalafell male model - Artik Punch
March, 14th 2016
  • - Changed browsing hover animation to show entire sets
  • - Optimized model screenshot gallery
March, 13th 2016
  • - Added new About page and moved information from index to new page
  • - Created Facebook and Twitter to keep users updated
  • - Added donate button and contributors list
  • - Added new highlander female model - Geda Yumi
  • - Renamed MGP gear category to Gold Saucer
  • - Added model details and gallery
March, 11th 2016
  • - Added new Latest Changes information box
  • - Changed colors and font to improve readability
  • - Added 4 new sets from Gold Saucer
  • - Added #TrueEndgame tag to navigation bar