Eorzea Collection's Finest

Most loved glamours of November and December

Feb 5th, 2021
Eorzea Collection's Finest - November and December 2020
The latest issue of GPOSERS Magazine is now live!

The January issue of GPOSERS Magazine, New Beginnings, is now live!

GPOSERS Magazine vol.27 January 2021: "New Beginnings" Fitting for the new year, this issue is filled with newly minted tales, fresh experiences, and sprout-friendly ideas! Overflowing with community content, it features numerous low-level glamours, an article by Serenaya on life & Twitch streaming, and much more of the content you’ve grown to love.

Read the full issue here: https://gposers.com/portfolio/vol27/.

As such, it's time for us to sit back and flip through the most loved glamours of November, featured in page 69 of the magazine.

Most Loved Glamours

And since this is a double issue, we can also admire the most loved glamours of December, featured in page 77 of the magazine.

Most Loved Glamours

Congratulations to Yumemi Hime, Lyn Saikuma, Lohia Aihol, and Ihon Nuzhysa and thank you for sharing with us your beautiful creations.

Below you can find the glamours that were used in this feature:

Glamours featured

Thanks, GPOSERS, for another amazing issue!



- The Creator -

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