New Horizons
Contest Winners

Oct 15th, 2020
New Horizons glamour contest

This September, we hosted our New Horizons glamour contest to commemorate the release of Island Sanctuary, an island paradise where you can raise animals, cultivate the earth and learn to live off the land in FFXIV.

With over 100 entries, the glamours created were varied and so fun (but incredibly hard) to judge! The community proved time and again how creative and passionate they are, and it really shows.

But without further ado, here are the winning entries:

Deforestation Vacation by Black Waltz
Shipwreck Sanctuary by Luna Delcielo
Quaint Shepherdess by Lizzie Tigernap

Congratulations to Black Waltz, Luna Delcielo and Lizzie Tigernap, you were truly inspirational!

Honorable mentions

Below you can find the winning glamours and all the other entries. So, please, give them all some love:

Contest entries

I want to thank all the contestants and everyone in our Eorzea Collection Community for being so glamourous!


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