New Horizons
Glamour Contest

Sep 9th, 2022
New Horizons - glamour contest

Island Sanctuary is an island paradise where you can raise animals, cultivate the earth and learn to live off the land in FFXIV! You can make all your pastoral dreams a reality, all while accompanied by your friends, minions and even some mammets!

To commemorate the release of this content, Eorzea Collection is hosting a community glamour contest, where you can submit your relaxing, stress-free glamour fit for all our island activities.

How to Participate

1 Submit

Submit your glamour to Eorzea Collection.

2 Enter

Leave a screenshot and link to your submission on our discord channel.

Submissions end

on September 30th

Winners contacted

on October 2nd

What are the Prizes

1st Prize: Paissa mount
or equivalent!
2nd Prize: Bergsteiger/Dirndl's Attire
or equivalent!
3rd Prize: Tender Lamb Minion
or equivalent!

The glamours that better capture the essence of Island Sanctuary will be rewarded.

What are the Rules

Participants should submit their glamour to this website and then post a screenshot and a link to it on the #glamour-contest discord channel until midnight BST of September 30th.

Each participant can only enter with one glamour. Glamours submitted prior to the start of the contest will not be considered.

The theme for this contest is Island Sanctuary, so the glamour should reflect the theme in a respectful and non-offensive way. There are no gender or gear restrictions, so you can use any pieces you'd like.

The winners will be contacted directly on discord by me, Edeon Vails, on October 2nd or the following week.

Winners may exchange their price for a lower-tiered one if they already have it or so wish. For example, the winner of the 1st prize may prefer to receive another mount of equivalent or lower price, or receive the attire instead of the mount.

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