Life in Etheirys Challenge

February's Glamour Theme

Mar 3rd, 2022
Life in Etheirys Glamour Challenge

What is the Glamour Challenge? Every month, our Patrons vote on a theme for the glamour challenge and come up with a glamour that fits that theme.

Last month, we've issued another Glamour Challenge to our Patrons!

This time, we've challenged participants to celebrate all life in Etheirys by creating glamours inspired by civilizations, zones and cities in the entire world of Final Fantasy XIV.

This was the very first challenge using our new system, which has been completely incorporated in the website! With more than 130 submissions, it's was a huge success and I want to thank our patrons for the patience to test it all out and finding all those nasty bugs.
Check out all the entries below!

I hope you had a good time with all these glamours and our next Challenge is about to start!
Thank you to all the Patrons who have contributed to this glamour challenge!



- the Challenger -

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