Divinity and Beyond Challenge

August's Glamour Theme

Sep 1st, 2022
Divinity and Beyond Glamour Challenge

What is the Glamour Challenge? Every month, our Patrons vote on a theme for the glamour challenge through our Discord and come up with a glamour that fits that theme.

Last month, we've issued another Glamour Challenge to our Patrons!

For this challenge, we asked patrons to engage the gods themselves with cursed or sacred glamours, powerful enough to shake the heavens and hells. In this light vs dark theme, with divine/heavenly/sacred/holy glamours pitted against dark/hellish/grim glamours, referencing an Eorzean or real-life diety was not mandatory as long as it was a good (or bad) glamour!.

I hope you had a good time with all these glamours and our next Challenge is about to start!
Thank you to all the Patrons who have contributed to this glamour challenge!



- the Challenger -

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