Our Partners

Aetherflow Media

Aetherflow is a Digital Magazine, carefully and lovingly crafted by a small team of passionate and talented Final Fantasy XIV community members. Aetherflow Media refers to the full project, including but not limited to the magazine, website, social media, YouTube videos, and podcasts.


GPOSERS is a Final Fantasy XIV community that was started based on a love for the /gpose feature, a passion for the game itself, and a desire to bring all of the best art and photography together in the GPOSERS Magazine.
GPOSERS also produce their own variation on the popular program ReShade with special features for Final Fantasy XIV called GShade.


Neneko is the creator of the incredible NenekoColorS for Gshade, a collection of carefully selected and configured presets to enhance your FFXIV experience.
We've had the opportunity to collaborate with Neneko to create a preset collection dedicated to the True Endgame.


Severalia is a fun brazilian Final Fantasy XIV streamer on Twitch that focuses on helping new players learn the ropes and progress in Eorzea.
Severalia also hosts a number of giveaways and events, including a glamour contest where Edeon is in the jury!

Eorzea Collection is always open to new partnerships to strengthen the bonds with the community. If you're interested in becoming our partner, reach out to us on our official discord!