How are task organized? Every task goes through the same cycle of development: idea > technical concept > implementation & testing > release.
For clarity, each task has been assigned a color that represents its current stage in the development cycle.
⬤ Idea: This initial stage represents the raw idea or suggestion. While there might already be an idea on how to solve and implement it, issues in this stage will still need to be researched.
⬤ Technical Concept: When a technical solution or proof is found, issues will be held in this stage until the start of its implementation.
⬤ Implementation & Testing: This stage covers both the technical implementation and the testing. An issue ony leaves this stage when it is ready to be released.
⬤ Release: Issues on this stage are marked to be released on the next website update. Some issues might be non-urgent or too small to be released as soon as they're ready. Also, other issues might be blocked by or related to another.
✪ Priority: Aside from the aforementioned stages, issues will also be marked with this icon if they're being worked on for next update.

Latest Updates

✔ User Profiles: Allow users to have a public profile to display their characters and glamours.

Current Tasks

⬤ Draft Glamours: Implement Save as Draft option on glamour submission.

⬤ Glamour Albums: Allow users to group glamours into albums.

⬤ Language Settings: Add a language option in the profile to, at least, translate the item names.

⬤ Ad Opt-In: Allow patrons to opt-in to specific ads.

⬤ Sort "My Glamours": Allow users to sort the glamours on their profile by metrics like loves or date.

⬤ Featured Opt-Out: Allow users to opt-out of being featured in the website or in partner publications.

Reported Issues

⬤ Creepy Hi there!: Reporting a glamour when the session has expired will return a "Hi, there!" message. Still wondering if I should solve this!

In the near Future

⬤ Minion Collection: Add a collection and preview of all available minions from the game.

⬤ Last Updated: Add section for glamours that were recently updated.

⬤ Dashboard: Replace homepage slider with a dashboard for logged in users.

⬤ Alternate Items: Allow alternate items or weapons for a glamour.

⬤ Glamours for Companions: Add a new type of glamour colletion for chocobo companions!

⬤ Hairstyle Collection: Add a collection and preview of all available hairstyles from the game.


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