Glamour enthusiast and mentor to many in the arts of Fashion, Edeon walks the realm beseeching those who fight for justice and good taste to join him in his crusade.

Originally from Hyrstmill, he became one of the Warriors of Light to fight in The Battle of Cartenau through nothing but chance and desire to find out more about his gift - the Echo.

Now happily married and one of four leaders to a Free Company of brave heroes, the «professor» still leaves behind his mark and stylish pose wherever he goes.

Age: 27

Main Job: Bard (waiting for dancer...)


Fearless in the face of any adversary, Geda is the highest leader in her Free company and wife to Edeon.

She met Edeon while raiding the remnants of the lesser moon Dalamud, developing a healthy rivalry since both were Bards, until he melted her heart and Geda requested his service as a Commander under her name.

Although seemingly distant and cold to many, she is actually a compassionate and caring person, demanding only the best from her members.

Age: 28

Main Job: Machinist


The first leader of the Free Company, Artik dropped his rhyming plainsfolk name and adopted a new one to "command respect".
As a member of the party to raid Bahamut's Coils, Artik came upon Edeon alongside Geda.

Clumsy and weirdly fond of the Starlight Celebration, Artik likes to have a good laugh, teach the new recruits, and color coordinate his outfits - all while punching everything and everyone in sight.

Age: 29

Main Job: Monk