Cosplay Carnival

February is the month for Carnival, and throughout Hydaelyn is no different. People dress up as their favorite characters, bereft of worries and shame. For this contest, dress up as a famous character and show us your most authentic cosplay glamour!

This contest is no longer accepting submissions.
Stay tuned for the winners!


Eorzea Collection has partnered with The Moogle Post to bring glamour contests to the community! Each month, we will have a new contest with a different theme.

To participate, submit a glamour to Eorzea Collection that fits the theme of the contest and then register it by using this page. You can also enter with a glamour you had previously submitted.

The winners will be contacted via email and featured in the Disciples of Fab section of the following The Moogle Post issue. Winners will be asked to provide a couple of additional screenshots of the glamour for the magazine.